22nd November 2017

Local Weather

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Headline: Mild and windy. Colder by the weekend.

Today: This morning will be mild, cloudy and mostly dry, though light rain is likely over the moors. It will become very windy everywhere with severe gales on hills and coasts. Rain will spread from west to east later. Maximum Temperature 15C.

Tonight: Much of tonight will stay mild, wet and windy with heavy bursts of rain. The rain will clear later and Devon and Cornwall will become significantly colder as cloud clears. Minimum Temperature 8C.

Thursday: Thursday will be windy, though less so than today. Most of the day will be sunny and cold, though a few blustery showers will blow in off the Celtic Sea. Maximum Temperature 12C.

Outlook for Friday to Sunday: Heavy rain is likely on Friday, especially further south. The weekend will feel colder with sunshine and showers, falling mostly as rain but perhaps turning to sleet over the moors.