21st February 2017

Local Weather

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Headline: Very wet and windy at times. Briefly colder on Friday.

Today: Tuesday will be cloudy with some outbreaks of mainly light rain and also some hill fog, though it remains mild. Winds increase during the day with a fresh westerly breeze expected by the evening. Maximum Temperature 13C.

Tonight: Overnight it remains damp and cloudy with some hill fog and strong winds. It also remains very mild with no frost expected. Minimum Temperature 7C.

Wednesday: Wednesday remains cloudy and at times damp with some hill fog lingering, it will also remains mild. Winds ease a little by the afternoon. Maximum Temperature 12C.

Outlook for Thursday to Saturday: Thursday will be wet and windy. On Friday, winds fall lighter, also it's chilly though drier with some sunshine. Further wet and windy weather arrives on Saturday.