30th November 2020

Top 20 Patient Requests for 2012

Paul James, our dedicated Chief Music Librarian and also presenter of The Sunday Spin, has put together a very interesting top 20 list, revealing the artists that were most requested by the patients of Musgrove Park Hospital during 2012.

A cursory glance through it shows what a diverse selection of music you all enjoy listening to.

Speaking of requests, don’t forget how easy it is to get a tune played for you!

Keep an eye out for our wonderful team of patient request collectors who regularly visit the wards.

Simply call *800 from your Hospedia¬†Bedside Entertainment System, it’s free and if there’s nobody in the studio, the answerphone will take a message for the next presenter due in.

If you have internet access, you could drop a brief email to us via the Contact Page.

Of course, if you’re not in the hospital but would like to make a request for somebody who is, you might like to ring the main studio number on 01823 342591.

And as promised, here’s our top 20 list of the most requested artists over the past year ~ thanks again Paul!
3.Frank Sinatra
4.Cliff Richard
6.The Wurzels
7.Michael Buble
8.Glenn Miller
9.Robbie Williams
11.Daniel O’Donnell
13.Johnny Cash
14.Elton John
15.Chris de Burgh
17.Jim Reeves
18.Louis Armstong
19.Andy Williams
20.Mario Lanza