23rd January 2022

Bob Wood

Meet Bob, sometimes known as “BOD” – the well-known spelling mistake (you need to ask him!). Bob presents Cross Connections on Sunday evenings and The Wednesday Work-Out on Wednesday mornings.

Bob is one of the founder members of Taunton Hospitals Broadcasting Service (T.H.B.S.) as it was then, the forerunner of today’s Apple FM, in 1969 at the age of 17. Bob remained until 1977, when other commitments, namely marriage and then children took over. Bob rejoined us at the opening of Apple AM in 2004, and has been with Apple ever since. Back in 1969, Bob had no radio broadcast history, although he did apply for BBC Bristol in 1970 and was accepted, but decided not to pursue that (silly boy!).

When Bob first started it was a hobby, which he and his original colleagues, felt was a useful and meaningful outlet for their interest in broadcasting. Bob’s first shows were pre-recorded 2-hour hospital request programmes in a homemade bedroom studio, which gradually morphed over the years into the 24/7 community station that Apple FM now is. Bob has a very wide taste in music, from classical (Vaughan Williams) to Progressive Rock (Deep Purple). If pushed, he would say latin-rock, jazz-funk, or any combination of those four words is his real taste!

Bob’s favourite acts include Steely Dan, Fleetwood Mac (in all their guises), Genesis and all their solo projects, Brand New Heavies, Swing Out Sister, Chris Rea, Sade, Clannad, The Alan Parsons Project, Coldplay, Pet Shop Boys, Lisa Stansfield and Seal. Bob’s ‘Desert Island’ album would be Jeff Wayne’s Musical Version of “The War of The Worlds” – Bob says it is an absolute classic and in his opinion the best “themed” album ever! He also says there is plenty of good modern music around if you are prepared to look hard enough.

Bob’s other interests include Astronomy, Weather Forecasting and Steam Railways.