24th October 2021

Care Free Cake Winner for July – Barbara Buck from Cheddon Road

Sharon Kinloch nominated Barbara Buck of Cheddon Road, TAUNTON for Care Free Cakes.  Here’s why she won for July.

Barb is my mum. On the 20th June my sister lost her battle with Cancer in Sussex.  My Mum gave up everything one night to take the train to Sussex where she has been for the last 6 weeks looking after her 3 young children.

She has taken over the role of mum in their house from before my sister died through to this weekend and then back for the funeral for another two weeks. she hasnt seen her husband and even though we know she misses him terribly.

She has worked tirelessly and under the worst kind of stress being a nurse, a grandmother and a mother all at the same time. She has never complained or even raised her voice under the worst kind of stress imaginable. 

I think that she deserves a smile and a little thank you.

A very worthy winner Barbara – from all at Apple FM

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