6th May 2021

Tea instead of a tipple?

Over 100,000 people in Somerset could benefit from drinking a little less and a little less often, latest figures reveal.

Somerset County Council’s Public Health team is therefore encouraging everyone to sign up for ‘Dry January’ and staff and visitors to Somerset County Council at County Hall are being encouraged to have an alcohol free month in January, and reap the benefits.

Dry January is a national campaign from Alcohol Concern, which encourages everyone to take a month off alcohol, always a good time to have a break after any over indulging at Christmas.

Chairman of Somerset County Council Cllr. David Fothergill and Cllr. Christine Lawrence, Chair of the Somerset Health and Wellbeing were on hand this week to encourage staff and visitors at County Hall to lead the way and sign up for Dry January and have a tea instead of a tipple!

Cllr. Christine Lawrence said: “It’s a great opportunity to have a break from alcohol for a while – and to feel some of the benefits.  Like sleeping better, having a bit more energy and having a bit more money to spend on something else!”

Cllr. David Fothergill added:  “I always have a month off alcohol in January.  It really helps to put a halt on those drinks which over the year have just become habit.”

Over 17,000 people took part nationally in Dry January this year and many reported that taking a month long break from alcohol acted as a reset button concerning their alcohol use for months afterwards, helping people to cut down their drinking to lower risk levels.

Although the majority of people in Somerset who drink alcohol are doing so in a way that is not harming their health, there are an estimated 100,000 people who could benefit from drinking a little less, a little less often.

Anyone wanting to talk to someone about their drinking and to get some help to cut down can contact the Fresh Steps Health Trainers on 0800 412 5502.  They provide free, 1:1 confidential and positive support.  There is also help available through the Somerset Drug and Alcohol Service on 0300 303 87 88.

To get help to go dry for January sign up to the Alcohol Concern website at www.dryjanuary.org.uk

For more information contact:  Somerset County Council Press Office 01823 355020 or emailpressoffice@somerset.gov.uk