25th July 2021

Wards closed at Musgrove due to Norovirus

The following areas of Musgrove Park Hospital currently have restrictions in place due to Norovirus.

Whole wards closed include:

  • Portman
  • Sedgemoor
  • Coleridge
  • Sheppard

Wards with bays closed include:

  • Mendip – Bays A&C
  • Fielding – Bay D
  • Wordsworth – Bays A&B

If you are planning to visit patients on a ward which has restrictions in place due to Norovirus please note the following:

  • Visiting is restricted to close family and friends only.
  • Use alcohol gel at the entrance on arrival.
  • To reduce spread of Norovirus, do not visit other areas in hospital after your visit.
  • Follow any other instructions given to you by staff.
  • If you do visit wards where there is Norovirus your hands must be washed thoroughly with soap and water before you leave the ward.