7th July 2020

Avon and Somerset Police answer 999 call ‘for a blocked toilet’

Avon and Somerset Police continue to help give guidance on the correct use of 101 and 999 by tweeting appropriate and inappropriate calls their call handlers receive.

Here are some of the calls they’ve answered over the last couple of weeks:

“Do not ring 999 for a blocked toilet

“Male once told me that we owed him a ride home because he’s never had to use our services before. Taxes & taxi’s are different things. -Mike”

“Female calls police and asks for us to call her a taxi

“101 call received from a male wanting to that report that the street lights haven’t turned on… That’s one for the council.

“Male on 999 line who wants a lift home. He chose police as “it takes the mick to call ambulance” – neither of us can help with a lift!

“3 abandoned 999 calls made by a male because his phone’s dying. Ringing 999 DOES NOT charge your phone, but it does tie up a call handler.”

“999 caller said he’s about to be stabbed, just to be seen quicker. Doing this has put the public’s & officer’s lives in danger

Police were also ready to respond to appropriate calls including:

“Caller just rang to advise there is a cow in her garden. She wasn’t sure if to call 999 or not. She did. We’re on our way.”

As well as a hero:

“Working hard in the control room! One 999 call handler is doing a great job talking to a suicidal person whilst help gets there

Avon and Somerset Police said:

“Remember, when calling 999 the first thing we ask is “what’s your emergency” – please make sure there is one!”