6th December 2021

Wellington man charged with charity shop burglary

A 31 year old man has been charged with five burglaries and a theft including a break-in at a charity shop in Wellington and a burglary at a chip shop in Taunton.

Christopher Mark Stone, of Priory in Wellington, has been charged with six offences following an investigation by neighbourhood officers in Wellington and Somerset Investigations:

  • Dwelling burglary at property in South Street, Wellington, on 23 February in which a mobile phone and contents of a handbag were stolen.
  • Dwelling burglary at property in Mill Walk, Wellington, on 24 February in which a wallet was stolen. The homeowner was in at the time.
  • Dwelling burglary at Acre Cottages, Buckwell, overnight between 24 and 25 February in which laptops, a purse, mobile phone and handbag were stolen. Some of these items have been recovered. The victims were asleep at home at the time.
  • Non-dwelling burglary at Oxfam in South Street, Wellington, on 10 February in which keys, ornaments and other items were stolen. Some of the items have been recovered.
  • Non dwelling burglary at Howards Chip Shop in St James St, Taunton, on 13 February on which a handbag and phone were stolen.
  • Theft of alcohol from Marks and Spencer in Taunton on 14 February.

Stone was due to appear before Taunton Magistrates’ Court today.

Police are also trying to locate the owner of an iPhone they’ve recovered as part of their ongoing investigation. It has a lime green cover.


If you can help, call police via 101 and quote reference 5216039630.