20th January 2021

Police up patrols in Norton Fitzwarren to tackle anti-social drivers

Avon and Somerset Police are carrying out patrols in Norton Fitzwarren following complaints about anti-social drivers.

The complaints received are about people committing anti-social behaviour along the industrial estate road behind Beauford Park by driving their vehicles erratically and racing up and down the road unnecessarily which is causing noise, nuisance and concerns to local residents.

Police have also received reports of littering, shouting, swearing, horns beeping, clapping and the revving of engines which is causing harassment, alarm and distress to nearby residents and the local neighbourhood making this a priority in the area.

Avon and Somerset Police Community Support Officer, Emma Carter, said:

“We will be patrolling the locality doing night time patrols in and around the industrial estate and will continue over the coming weeks in order to identify those responsible for the anti-social behavior and those responsible for causing residents to have concerns.

We have increased our night-time patrols in the area especially on weekends and have been in contact with the local council for preventive measures.”

Police are also carrying out regular patrols following reports of vehicles parking on kerbs and causing obstructions on the pavement and highway which has become an increased issue around housing estates in Norton Fitzwarren.

Avon and Somerset Police Community Support Officer, Emma Carter, added:

“The main offence being committed has been the parking of vehicles on the pavement.

This is an ‘obstruction’ offence which often causes danger, inconvenience and annoyance to pedestrians.

Please be aware that any vehicle in your street seen by police or community support officers to be parked in such a way can be liable to receive a ‘fixed penalty notice’.

In certain circumstances we may also consider removing a vehicle from the highway and or summonsing the owner to court.”