8th April 2020

American-style BBQ restaurant Bare Grills to open in Taunton

One of Weston Super Mare’s top independent restaurants, Bare Grills, plans to open in Taunton later this year.

Bare Grills has revealed all the paperwork has been completed and they have got the keys to their new restaurant which they plan to open on Bridge Street in Taunton by December this year.

The Bare Grills website states:

“Bare Grills was born from our deep love for American BBQ and the culture that surrounds it

Everyone loves the idea of a BBQ, a time when you call up family and friends all sit round and enjoy some good local fresh food cooked to perfection.

We started in 2014 by importing the best in BBQ smokers & Chargrills.

After months of trying local suppliers and making sure the product was just how we wanted it we opened our doors to the public. Now employing a team of just under 15 staff we are one of Weston’s top independent restaurants.”

Bare Grills Taunton say they’ll be ‘Smoking Real Soon’ and plan to open on Bridge Street by December 2016.