6th May 2021

Changes to Somerset waste collections over Christmas

All Somerset waste collections will be one day later in the fortnight after Christmas, including the two Friday pick-ups taking place on Saturdays, while garden waste collections are suspended.

There will be no change to collections up to and including Friday 23 December and usual services will be back from Monday 9 January 2017.

Recycling sites will be on their standard schedules, including all closing on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day.

Residents are being urged not to disrupt collections with excess waste, especially cardboard, that forces recycling crews to abandon their work to unload early.

Instead, a little extra card can be added every week, or all “dry” – non-food – recycling and all rubbish can be dropped off at a recycling site.

Somerset Waste Partnership is warning that icy conditions, high winds and rain, or even snow this year could delay kerbside recycling and rubbish collections or hamper recycling sites.

Efforts will be made to maintain services, of course, if judged safe. If a collection is missed, crews will make a return pick-up as soon as possible.

Residents should put out missed containers by 07:00 for up to four calendar days for recycling, and up to seven calendar days for rubbish.

If still no collection, take containers back in and put them out by 07:00 on the next usual collection day. And please assist vulnerable neighbours.