28th September 2020

Taunton in running for own Monopoly Board!

WINNING MOVES UK are searching for the first ever Somerset city or town to ‘Pass GO’ .. and be immortalised with its very own MONOPOLY game and the race gets underway from last Thursday (26th January 2017).

The public will get to decide which of five Somerset locations will ‘Pass GO’, over a two-month long consultation process.

The following ‘Fab Five’ have been shortlisted by WINNING MOVES UK – under official license from Hasbro – who will be making a game for one (just one) Somerset city or town following the county-wide search.

 WINNING MOVES UK GAMES EXECUTIVES visited 12 places over a two-year period.  Now these five will go to a public vote, it is also announced.  Polls get underway from Thursday. The five are:

  • Taunton
  • Glastonbury
  • Wells
  • Weston Super Mare
  • Yeovil

The winning location is guaranteed to ‘Pass GO’ to land its very own MONOPOLY game, to appear on shop shelves later this year. 

 The place that emerges with the most “PRIDE” – say Winning Moves UK – will get their own board, which will see 22 customised property sites swapping places with the likes of Mayfair and Park Lane from the original MONOPOLY game.

 So it means if Weston wins its famous Grand Pier could land on Mayfair. Or perhaps the public will take a ‘Chance’ and vote Taunton which could see its Racecourse or even its award winning Vivary Park appear on a Chance square. Or how about Glasto (the festival) appearing on one of the yellow ‘showbiz’ squares of Coventry Street, Leicester Square or Piccadilly from the London MONOPOLY original game.

 “Each are extremely strong contenders,” says Natasha Rebuck, CUSTOM GAMES DEVELOPMENT EXECUTIVE  at WINNING MOVES UK, who are making this official version of MONOPOLY under license from Hasbro.

 “We originally began with a list of twelve, but have shortlisted these down to a ‘Fab Five’. Bridgwater and Wellington just missed out.

 “The factors that will decide are two-fold:

 Firstly the strength of popular feeling and pride for a particular place.

 Secondly, the diversity and beauty of potential landmarks to fill the board.”

 So it’s in effect a beauty contest – to borrow a celebrated MONOPOLY phrase – with the only difference being there is no prize for coming second, just first”.

The game will go into production to be ready in time for this Christmas (2017) and hit shop shelves this October.

The board will showcase around 30 leading landmarks from the winning location. The landmarks, themed in sets of two, three and four, will land on and replace the famous London streets like Mayfair, Park Lane and Old Kent Road. The themed sets will span the world of tourism, heritage, arts, leisure, education, entertainment, travel, sport and other sectors.

Also, very many of the Chance and Community Chest playing cards will be heavily customised too. One card, perhaps, could advance players to Wells Cathedral, should Wells emerge triumphant. Another playing card could see players ‘Sent to Bristol’ should Yeovil, whose football fans have a rivalry with Bristol, win. We have been told that if Taunton wins then Apple FM will have the honour of being placed on a Community Chest square!

In 2008 a Somerset county edition was produced by Winning Moves UK. Since then there have been social media campaigns for all of these five locations to have their very own boards. “We have been working on research on this for around two years,” adds Ms Rebuck. “We are now delighted to be making this announcement.”

The Somerset MONOPOLY board is no longer on shop shelves. It was hugely popular in its time. On the Mayfair position was Wells Cathedral, whilst residing on Old Kent Road – the board’s most modestly priced location – was the Clevedon community cinema. 

“The growing calls for an edition based on a Somerset city or town has proved irresistible,” adds Ms Rebuck. “We are absolutely sure that any one of these great five places will make a great board for this Christmas. Whoever wins we are sure it will be a terrific board, full of great landmarks for that particular city or town.”

To vote you should send an email with your choice of town and why you choose the one you do to  passgo@winningmoves.co.uk or by traditional post to: The MONOPOLY Somerset Desk, Winning Moves UK, 7 Praed Street, London W2 1NP. 

Polls are open now and close at 23.59 on 25th March (2017).

An announcement of the winning location will be made soon after polls have closed, in spring (2017).