18th October 2021

Deadline to register to vote is TONIGHT!

Ballot Paper

Have you registered to vote yet?

If you haven’t, you won’t be able to vote in the General Election on June 8th! 

It’s in your best interest to register to vote – You deserve YOUR voice to be heard and counted – If you don’t vote, you can’t moan (or cheer!) about the outcome!

You have until 23:59 TONIGHT (Monday 22nd May 2017) to REGISTER to vote; After that, if you haven’t registered, you lose your right to have a say in what happens to the Country’s elected Government.

It’s very easy to register – all you need to do is go to https://www.gov.uk/register-to-vote and have your National Insurance number to hand. It takes just a few minutes to do and means you can then help to decide who runs the country.


Why should I register to vote?

There’s 5 good reasons to register to vote:

  1. Not enough people are voting, generally. Out of all the people that were eligble to vote, only a THIRD of them voted in the last General Election!
  2. Your vote counts! Seats can be won with smaller majorities that you realise; In Gower, Wales,  the Conservative won the seat with just 27 more votes than the Labour candidate in the 2015 General Election. In 12 other Constituencies, majorities were won with just under 500 votes between parties!
  3. Polls can get it wrong! Don’t sit at home thinking that it’s not worth voting as the predictions all say that the candidate you want (or not!) will win. Make your voice heard!
  4. “Safe Seats” aren’t always Safe! Labour held the Glasgow Central Constituency for over 60 years. Then, in 2015, The SNP took it out of their hands in a shock result.
  5. You may decide to change your mind after the deadline has been and gone. If you at least register to vote, even though at the moment you may not actually want to vote, it at least gives you the ability to change your mind before the Election day. If you still decide not to vote, then at least you had the option if you wanted it!


Don’t lose your right to have a say on who decides the things in day-to-day life that affect YOU! get online and register yourself to vote if you haven’t previously and make your voice count!