10th August 2020

Police investigating thefts from motor vehicles in Taunton

Avon and Somerset Police are investigating a number of reports of thefts from motor vehicles in the Taunton area.

Since the beginning of April there have been over 30 reports of thefts and more reports are continuing to come through to police daily.

More than half (18) of the targeted vehicles were left unsecured by the owners and in other cases car windows were smashed to gain access.

Vehicles have been entered during both the day and night after loose change, designer sunglasses and other items of value were left on display.

Neighbourhood sergeant, Daniel Bishop, said:

“Whilst we do all we can to investigate and arrest those responsible, we are appealing to local residents to be vigilant.”

There are measures you can take to minimise risk to your vehicle and reduce the opportunity to offenders carrying out these crimes. Make sure your vehicle is always locked and secured when left unattended and park in a safe location where possible. Always remove valuables or make sure none are left in view – even loose change can entice a thief.”

Anyone with any information or who sees anything suspicious is asked to call 101.