25th July 2021

From Spinning Tops to Space Hoppers: Growing Up in Somerset An Exhibition at The Museum of Somerset 28 July to 13 October

Boys play on a home-made swing, Chewton Mendip, Somerset, 1952

For a spot of nostalgia during the summer holidays visit The Museum of Somerset’s new exhibition about growing up in Somerset. The exhibition, ‘From Spinning Tops to Space Hoppers: Growing Up in Somerset’, opens on 28 July and features photographs, costumes, toys and games from the last 150 years.

Alongside the exhibition, activities for children will be taking place every week in August. They include Victorian school, retro board games, making toys, construction challenges, and playground games in the castle courtyard.

The exhibition features games and toys spanning the decades, from classics such as dominoes and marbles to the start of digital gaming including Gameboy and Tamagotchi. Visitors can have fun in the gallery activity space using retro video consoles, including the Super Nintendo, as well as enjoying table football and an assortment of classic toys.

Visitor Services Manager Susie Simmons said: “The daily activities and exhibition will be great for children, parents and grandparents to enjoy together. They will provide a chance to reminisce about family life, childhood, school days and all the toys and games that everyone remembers.”

Entry to the exhibition is FREE with small charges for games and activities.

The Museum of Somerset is part of The South West Heritage Trust, an independent charity that protects and celebrates Somerset and Devon’s rich heritage.