24th July 2021

Hand hygiene campaign launched by Musgrove and Somerset Partnership

Tracey Doolan, infection control nurse at Musgrove Park Hospital and Nikki Hall, infection and prevention control nurse at Somerset Partnership

Musgrove Park Hospital and Somerset Partnership have joined forces to launch a hand hygiene campaign.

The ‘A Moment a Month’ campaign reinforces the World Health Organisation’s five moments for hand hygiene.

The campaign will run over the next five months across both trusts who will be promoting the different moments to encourage and remind staff of the importance of when they should be making sure they wash their hands.

An important part of the campaign is to encourage and reassure patients that it’s okay to ask staff if they have cleaned their hands.

Posters will be displayed in hospital corridors with photographers of staff suggesting ‘It’s okay to ask me if I have cleaned my hands before I provide your care’.

Maggie Bradfield, lead nurse for infection prevention and control at Musgrove Park Hospital said: “Infection prevention and control is a high priority for both trusts and we are committed to making sure that we deliver the highest standards to help prevent any avoidable infections and that includes washing our hands.

“Effective hand hygiene is essential to ensure a safe environment for our patients and is the most effective way to prevent the spread of bacteria and illnesses such as norovirus and helping prevent life-threatening illnesses such as sepsis.

“We hope this campaign helps both our patients, visitors and staff to have the confidence to speak up and ask staff if they have cleaned their hands.”

Lisa Stone, interim lead for infection, prevention and control at Somerset Partnership added: “Hand hygiene lies at the heart of infection prevention and control at Somerset Partnership and that’s why this campaign is so important.

“Infection prevention and control is everyone’s responsibility and we hope staff, patients and visitors really get behind our campaign.”