27th September 2020

Calls to 999 as caller unable to make cup of tea and spider in house

A call to 999 complaining there had been a power cut and the caller was unable to make a cup of tea is one of the unnecessary calls Avon and Somerset Police has received.

Avon and Somerset Police received 680 999 calls on Thursday and managed to answer them in an average time of 0.7 seconds but said these unnecessary calls stop real emergencies getting through.

Another call was made to 999 to say there was a spider in the caller’s house and she was scared.

A call was made to Avon and Somerset Police’s 101 non-emergency line from a man asking if they could tell him where he could moor his boat.

Avon and Somerset Police said:

“Our 101 non-emergency line gets very busy and should not be abused – yesterday we received over 2200 calls on this line alone, many of which were matters not for the police.”