2nd July 2020

Musgrove’s endoscopy suite gets revamp to improve patient experience

The endoscopy suite at Musgrove Park now has two recovery areas so men and women can recover in separate areas.

Previously patients either had to recover in the same area or needed to use the neighbouring Sheppard ward. This had an impact on the ward’s capacity and ability to take patients from the hospital’s acute medical unit.

As part of the work five additional spaces have been created in the endoscopy suite and this means patients are able to recover more quickly and move through the unit, helping to improve their chances of getting home sooner.

Dr Emma Wesley, consultant gastroenterologist at Musgrove Park Hospital, said: “This is a massive improvement that will not only make a huge difference to the team of clinicians working here, but will also really benefit our patients.

“It means they will no longer need to be wheeled past the waiting room after their procedure and, for the first time, men and women will have a separate space to recover.”

Mike Sams, an endoscopy support worker, is pictured cutting the ribbon to officially open the new recovery bay.