18th September 2021

Dying Matters Comes To Taunton

This May, people in Taunton have the unique opportunity to explore if they are ready to talk about and plan for death. A Death Cafe Taunton event is taking place at 2 pm on Saturday, 18 May, 2019, at the Creative Innovation Centre in Taunton, as part of the nationwide annual Dying Matters Awareness Week.

The afternoon will feature a short informative talk by Soul Midwives Cathy Chiplen and Moragh Mason, about preparing for the idea and the practicalities of death. Following this will be a Death Cafe, featuring relaxed discussion about death, with refreshments. The goal is to create a friendly space for people to ask questions about end of life care issues, such as making a will, planning a funeral or coping with bereavement.

About 1% of the UK population dies each year, which means about 1,100 will die in Taunton this year, and each of those deaths will affect many more people in different ways.

This Death Cafe Taunton event is one of hundreds taking place across England for Dying Matters Awareness Week, which runs from May 14-20. The theme this year is “Are We Ready?”

Organiser Nicole Stanfield Caile said “We held a Death Cafe Taunton event last year for Dying Matters Awareness Week, and it was so successful we wanted to do it again. Lots of people had so many questions, or said they were glad to be able to talk about death. It can be an awkward subject but if we can’t talk about it we only make it more difficult to deal with.”

For more information about Dying Matters Awareness Week, and the events on across the country, please see https://www.dyingmatters.org/page/map-awareness-week-events-2018

For more information about Death Cafe Taunton, visit http://www.facebook.com/deathcafetaunton