6th December 2021

Remember to return your postal vote

Postal voters in Somerset West and Taunton (SWT) are being reminded to return their ballot papers to make sure their vote counts in the district council and town and parish council elections on May 2.

Around 18,000 postal voting packs have been sent out from Somerset West and Taunton Council’s elections team.

Postal voters will be voting for the people they want to represent them on Somerset West and Taunton Council – the first election since the new council came into being on April 1. Town and parish council elections will also be taking place.

Postal voters should remember to:

  • Put your date of birth where indicated, not the date you sign the Postal Voting Statement. If not, your postal vote will be rejected.
  • Sign the Postal Voting Statement where indicated. If the signature does not match the one SWT holds, the postal vote will be rejected.
  • Make sure you put your correct date of birth.
  • Please take the time to read the instructions carefully to make sure your vote counts.

Postal votes must be returned by Election Day, May 2. If it arrives after voting closes at 10pm, it won’t be counted. If you leave it too late to post you can hand it in at your local polling station or your local council office – Deane House in Taunton or West Somerset House in Williton on May 2.