18th September 2021

Emergency Services Flag Raising

Somerset West and Taunton Council (SWT) will mark national Emergency Services Day with a flag raising ceremony at Deane House.

The 999 Flag will be raised on Friday 6 September and will remain flying until the following week.

A flag will also be flown at West Somerset House in Williton. The Council aims to alternate the location of this ceremony between the two main office sites moving forward.

The ceremony at Deane House will be hosted by the Mayor of Taunton, Cllr Francesca Smith, and the Chair of SWT, Cllr Hazel Prior-Sankey. They will be joined by representatives from local emergency service organisations including the police, ambulance and fire brigade.

National Emergency Services Day takes place on 9th September every year.

Two minutes silence is held at 9am (the 9th hour of the 9th day of the 9th month) to remember emergency services personnel killed as a result of their duties. 

The day gives an opportunity to promote the work of the emergency services, educate the public, and promote volunteering opportunities. 

It is also an excellent opportunity for emergency services charities to fundraise, raise their profile and participate in events. 

Cllr Hazel Prior-Sankey, Chairman of SWT, said: “The Council is proud to show its support for the emergency services across our area by flying the 999 Flag. 

“The emergency services are always there for us when we need them and often go the extra mile to ensure that people, animals and the environment are safe and in good hands.

“It is wonderful that we can show our appreciation for their work and dedication by flying the flag at Deane House which is also home to our colleagues from the Avon and Somerset Police”