9th August 2020

Friday September 20th- Earth Strike Day in Taunton

On Friday September 20th, Taunton will be one of thousands of locations worldwide to play host to Earth Strike. This will be the first General Strike in the UK since 1926 – and will be the day when millions of adults will walk from workplaces and homes to join the youth who have already been striking for over a year. Our climate is in breakdown in front of our eyes – flash floods, forest fires, storms, droughts, crop failures, food shortages and famines are ravaging our planet like never before. Irreversible climate change is on the horizon – humanity stands on a cliff and the actions we take or fail to take in the next few years will decide the future of all humanity. With the rapid rise of movements like XR and the climate strikes their is great hope for our future.

YouthStrike4Climate Taunton has been working with various other local groups to organise their own huge Earth Strike and need you there. September 20th will easily be the largest day of climate action in history – make sure you’re part of it. Many people reading this will have children or grandchildren – you can join the protest in Taunton town centre from 11am on the 20th and strike for their futures and the future of humanity itself. It would be great to see as many people as possible – of ALL ages – join. They will be having a march (with their very own samba band!) and many more events so please attend – and bring as many friends and family as possible!

If you will be at work, try and get permission to join even for just half an hour – or even better book the day off and bring your entire family! If you are retired/will be at home on the day make sure you come out and support! The march will be starting at 11am in the square outside Clarke’s in Taunton town centre by the roundabout. More info about timings and location is on the Facebook event on the YouthStrike4Climate page: https://www.facebook.com/events/382167062678869/