27th January 2022

Taunton Bus Station closing its doors after 67 years

After 67 years of being the hub for bus services in and out of Taunton, the bus station in Tower Street will be closing its doors at the end of service on Friday 27 March 2020.

Services will relocate from Saturday 28 March.

A spokesperson for The Buses of Somerset said:

“It’s served Taunton well over the years but, unfortunately, the rising costs of even day-to-day maintenance has made it totally uneconomic, let alone the heavy investment that would be needed to bring it up-to-date and fit-for purpose for the future.”

Buses that used the bus station will leave from the bus stops in the town centre.

  • Services 21/21A, 22/22A and 28 will depart from Castle Way (Stop G)
  • Services 29, 30, 54 and 99 will depart from Clinton’s Cards (Stop I)
  • Service 25 will depart from Fat Face (Stop H)
  • Service PR1 will no longer call at Castle Way. Towards Musgrove Park and Silk Mills, buses will depart from the Market House (Stop K). Towards Gateway, buses will depart from Corporation Street (Stop L)

There are no other changes to stopping arrangements for any other services.

Commenting on the changes, managing director, Alex Carter, said:

“The sale of the bus station should not be taken as a signal in any reduction of our commitment to services across the area.

However, it will help us reduce our cost base, to support future investment in and development of services in the area.

We thank Somerset County Council and Somerset West and Taunton Council for their input and support in relocating services.”