4th August 2021

Taunton car park set for temporary repair works

Temporary repair works to the Crescent Car Park in Taunton are set to start next week.

Sections of the car park will be repaired along with the filling-in of potholes which have accumulated during winter.

Somerset West and Taunton Council’s in-house tarmacking team will be carrying out the repairs in preparation for a larger programme of scheduled works to revamp the car park in the near future.

The work, starting Monday 1 March, will take approximately two to three weeks and will be completed around Saturday 20 March.

A spokesperson for Somerset West and Taunton Council said:

“Somerset West and Taunton Council wishes to reassure the public that the Crescent Car Park will remain open for customer use during this period.

The repairs team will follow COVID-secure working practices and cordon off areas to work in isolation.”