25th May 2022

Be a good egg this Easter and recycle more

Be a good egg this Easter – let Recycle More take most of your chocolate egg packaging and check your changed collection days.

The expanded Somerset Waste Partnership (SWP) service mean almost all Easter egg packaging can be recycled in weekly kerbside collections.

  • Cardboard box – flattened and into your black recycling box.
  • Aluminium foil – scrunched and into your Bright Blue bag.
  • Plastic mould – into your Bright Blue Bag.

Not yet recyclable at the kerbside or our recycling sites are chocolate bar and sweet wrappers, plastic bags and plastic-foil pouches, plastic “windows” in boxes, and similar thin-soft plastic film.

Many of these plastics can be dropped off at supermarkets and some are taken in TerraCycle recycling schemes. Please check where you shop or have a look at SWP’s guide to supermarket and TerraCycle plastic recycling in Somerset

Easter also means kerbside collection day changes:

  • Good Friday 15 April collections move to Saturday 16 April.
  • No collections on Easter Monday 18 April.
  • Easter week collections are one day later, including Friday collections on Saturday 23 April.

You can use the My Collection Day feature at somersetwaste.gov.uk to check your collection days online, download a printable calendar or, better still, add your dates to the calendar on your smart device or laptop.

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