Apple FM During The Pandemic

Here at Apple FM, like everyone else, the pandemic is having a big effect on us. 

Some of our presenters are in the high-risk category so are self isolating at home on the advice of the government. This of course is having an effect on our output. 

In the coming weeks some of your favourite shows may not broadcast as we scale back to make sure we can still bring you our programming at key times of the day with the presenters that are still available to us. 

At other times some of our programmes may be pre-recorded as some of our team work from home to minimise the risks to others that having to many staff members going to our studio complex may cause.

Rest assured that all of our presenters that continue with live shows are being kept safe with stringent hygiene processes at our radio station including access to sinks for regular hand washing and plenty of hand sanitiser.  We also never have more than one person in the studio complex at any one time.

We look forward to this nasty virus passing in time and being able to return to our full schedule of programmes. To keep up-to-date with our current schedule click here.

In the meantime stay safe, stay at home, protect the NHS and save lives.