MidSummer 2017 Draw – Results

Did you purchase one of our MidSummer Draw Tickets from one of our Ticket sellers since January 1st?

If you did then you may be one of our lucky winners!

Check the winning ticket numbers as listed below to see if you’ve been a winner.. You could be getting a call with some fabulous news to say that you’ve one of our cash prizes.


1st Prize – £250:      Number 3181  sold in Taunton

2nd Prize – £125:     Number 2673 sold in Wellington

3rd Prize – £75:        Number 2175 sold in Monkton Heathfield

4th Prize – £25:        Number 1011 sold in North Pertherton


If your ticket is one of the lucky winning tickets then we send our warmest congratulations to you.


Whether you are a Winner or not you are a very special person for supporting our Community Radio Station and helping us continue the fantastic work that we do at Taunton’s best radio station, 97.3 Apple FM!