19th September 2018

Local Weather

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Headline: Windy with sunny spells and a little showery rain.

Today: A windy day in store, but dry at first with some sunshine. A spell of rain will move across the region during the afternoon, but as this clears brighter skies will follow to the west. Feeling warm. Maximum Temperature 21C.

Tonight: Winds will ease and many will start with clear skies. However, cloud will thicken through the small hours, bringing rain across northern parts of the region. Turning windier again later. Minimum Temperature 13C.

Thursday: A little rain across northern parts on Thursday, otherwise generally dry and windy with a few bright spells. However, rain will turn heavy and persistent through the evening. Maximum Temperature 21C.

Outlook for Friday to Sunday: Windy and cool on Friday with sunshine and blustery showers. Starting dry on Saturday but turning cloudier with rain later. Potentially windy with some rain on Sunday.