26th June 2019

Local Weather


Headline: Mostly sunny, warm, and dry. Some strong gusty winds.

Today: After a rather cloudy morning, the afternoon will see warm sunny spells develop quite widely across the southwest. A small chance of some isolated showery outbreaks across southwest Cornwall. The wind will strengthen through the afternoon. Maximum Temperature 26C.

Tonight: Dry with clear skies for most, although some cloud in the east later. Windy with strong winds persisting, especially along English Channel coasts, with localised gales possible. Minimum Temperature 10C.

Thursday: Sunny and warm across the southwest after any early cloud clearing quickly through the morning. Strong, gusty winds over hill tops, in the Bristol Channel, and along English Channel coasts. Maximum Temperature 28C.

Outlook for Friday to Sunday: Mostly sunny and warm on Friday and Saturday with strong winds along the south coast easing for Saturday. A cooler day on Sunday with sunny spells and a westerly breeze.

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