13th November 2018

Local Weather

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Headline: Mainly dry with sunny spells.

Today: A mainly fine and dry day with patchy cloud, sunny spells, and just the odd isolated shower. Fairly breezy in the morning, but the winds will ease into the afternoon, and it will be reasonably mild in the sunshine. Maximum Temperature 14C.

Tonight: Increasingly cloudy through the evening, but staying dry overnight. The winds will become stronger through the night, especially on exposed hills and coasts. Minimum Temperature 10C.

Wednesday: Rather cloudy and breezy to begin with, but bright or sunny spells will break through later. The winds will ease and it will be feeling mild in the sunshine. Maximum Temperature 15C.

Outlook for Thursday to Saturday: Some mist and fog likely during the mornings; perhaps slow to clear in places. Otherwise rather cloudy and mainly dry, but some sunny spells possible too. Generally quite mild.