Recycle your Christmas tree and collect some free mulch

A SOMERSET Christmas tree farm is giving people who had a fresh Christmas tree this yuletide the chance to recycle it for free in the New Year (January 2022).

People who take their tree to Langford Lakes Christmas Tree Farm, which is based at Middle Hill Farm in Langford Budville near Wellington, from January 4th until the 22nd, 2022 will be able to get it shredded for free.

Nick Hendy from Langford Lakes Christmas Tree Farm explained: “Decoration-free natural Christmas trees can be taken to any recycling site for composting. But if people can’t get to one of these drop off points, they can bring their tree to us. If we’re fewer miles than your nearest recycling centre, then you’re being even more sustainable by bringing your tree to us. There will be an allocated drop off area for the trees and we will shred them throughout January.

“After the trees have been shredded, they will be composted and turned into mulch and this will be available for people to collect free of charge so that they can use it on their own gardens. Mulch is great to use on flower beds because it suppresses weeds. It also helps during dry spells to keep the ground moist and to keep it warmer in winter.

“For people who would like to collect some free mulch to use on their own gardens we are asking that they contact us direct to arrange collection in February.”

Langford Lakes Christmas Tree Farm, which is well-known for its home grown, freshly cut Christmas trees, is a family run farm located close to the nature reserve Langford Heathfield, a mile outside of Langford Budville in Somerset.

The farm is owned and run by Reg and his wife Ann and their two sons and daughters-in-law, Shaun, Trudy, Nick and Clare. The family has been growing and selling Christmas trees for more than 20 years.

For more information about the farm, please visit, follow the company on Twitter at or log on to